What Are Exam Room Flags?

Published: 23rd November 2009
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There are many things in hospitals and doctor's offices that the average person might not understand. Sometimes there are items that seem to have little or no purpose, but actually mean a great deal. Exam room flags are just that item, and they're actually very significant for hospitals and doctor's offices. They may look like simple decorations but they actually provide certain information for patients and medical staff. If you're in the medical field and are looking for ways to improve your practice's office then read on for more information about exam room flags and how they help with informing patients and staff members.

Exam room flags are designed to inform the staff members and the patients of what's going on in each exam room. For example, a certain color may refer to a certain procedure. Also, a nurse can look at an exam room flag and know right away if they need to take the next patient in, get the room cleaned up and prepared for the next patient, or they can alert the doctor that a patient is ready to be brought in. Basically exam room flags serve as a quick and efficient way to communicate throughout the medical office.

So why are exam room flags really valuable for your practice? As many people know there is a great deal of waiting involved when you visit a doctor's office. Patients wait in a waiting room only to be taken to another room to wait, but everyone knows this is part of the deal with doctor's offices. This seems like a fairly easy procedure to execute to keep the office running smoothly, but when you're faced with a busy schedule and the day inevitably gets backed up, patients become exasperated and staff members get flustered. This is where exam room flags come in, because they can help you notify the staff quickly when a room is open, allow for an efficient flow, and also prevent patients from walking in on other patients. You won't have to spend a ton of money on a system or spend loads of time training the staff to execute an efficient office system with the use of exam room flags. All you need to do is take advantage of this affordable item, and exam room flags can increase patient privacy and time. Plus, they are extremely easy to install.

So we know what exam room flags do, but what really are exam room flags? They are simply a color coded system of flags that come in a wide variety of colors and different styles that can give you and your staff the assurance that your office will be run with efficiency, and they will be able to better perform their jobs. All you have to do is mount the exam room flags on the outside of each room and you'll be able to communicate the proper message to your staff. It's easy and private, and will save you and your staff loads of time and create an efficient and comfortable environment within your office.

Exam Room Flags Uses and Specifications

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